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CDM Services

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) have been revised and place specific requirements on a number of dutyholders during the course of a construction/ civil engineering project. These duties impact from the conceptual stage of a project and that’s where CDM England Ltd can help.

Our CDM services include:


Principal Designer

To ensure that a Client body complies with their duties under CDM they must appoint a Principal Designer for all projects. The Principal Designer provides clients with a key project advisor in respect of construction health and safety risk management matters, primarily focussed on safety in design but also in project setup and establishment. Ultimately our role as principal designer is to plan, manage and monitor the co-ordination of the pre-construction phase, including any preparatory work carried out for the project.

Your project will be managed by full-time CDM specialists employed directly by us, who have demonstrated their knowledge and competency to undertake the role. In addition to holding the relevant design and construction qualifications, our team are also chartered safety practitioners.

Our team have been involved in a significant range of projects which has given us extensive experience and knowledge ranging from entry level CDM works through to £1200+ million transmission projects.

Client, Designer, Principal Contractor and Contractor CDM Advisor

We can act as an independent advisor on behalf of individual dutyholders including Client’s, Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors to ensure that all works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of CDM2015.

CDM2015 places a significant responsibility on the Client to ensure the works are carried out in full accordance with the spirit of the regulations, we can provide advice and recommendations on a one off or ongoing basis throughout a project or projects to ensure that both the client and other dutyholders maintain compliance and best practice standards.

Independent Project/ Site CDM Compliance Audit

We can carry out an independent audit or your project or specific site to ascertain compliance with the requirements of the Construction (Design and management) Regulations 2015. After the audit we issue a detailed report into our findings and will also make recommendations where improvements could be made.

We pride ourselves finding solutions to problems before you know there is a problem.

Project and Corporate Competence and Resource Management

We can carry out detailed competency checks and assessments on all parties involved in a project. On a corporate level we can also establish, monitor and manage an approved dutyholder database which allows an organisation to demonstrate at all levels that they have checked and confirmed the competency and resources of those they employ to act on their behalf.

CDM Training

Who better to carry out CDM Awareness training than practicing CDM Specialists who are highly regarded within industry? We carry out a number of training courses which we tailor for you organisation and company focus area. We can carry out training at a location of your choice or we can host training at our training centre in Liverpool.

Facilitate Safety in Design Reviews

The ethos of CDM is to remove risk in the first instance through design and to ensure that suitable and sufficient planning and preparation is undertaken prior to a project commencing. In order to ensure a successful project you want to build from a solid foundation. To achieve this we can facilitate safety in design reviews to ensure all aspects in the lifecycle of your project are considered.

Design Risk Analysis HAZID/ HAZCON/ HAZOP

A key tool in mitigating and managing risk is through design risk analysis. Design risk is not solely concentrated at the pre-construction stage but evolves throughout the works on site. We utilise a staged process to identify hazards pre/ during and post construction into operation. To identify track and close out design issues.

Development and Review of Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work

Our experience comes from time spent out working out on sites and realising the problems and issues faced. This experience allows us to develop and review risk assessments and SSoW and formulate site specific documentation and procedures which will work for you.

Facilitate Project Safety Risk and Lessons Learned Workshops

Learning from the things around us is key to moving forward. We can facilitate project safety risk and lesson learned workshops which ensure that the project team identify not only problems and issues encountered but also the positive aspects of a project.

Moving forward the findings of the lessons learned form the benchmark for your next project.

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